Copyright Policy

  1. The Client acknowledges that CBZ Holdings Limited and/or its subsidiaries (“hereinafter referred to as the Group) owns and will continue to own all proprietary  rights in the software, documentation and trade secrets (including but not limited to any new releases and any parameterisation, modifications or translations made by the Bank or its agents), and further acknowledges that the copyright and other industrial intellectual property and marketing rights in such software and documentation shall be and shall remain the sole property of the Group as aforesaid.
  2. The Client shall indemnify the Group against any claims for damages or costs incurred by the Group in consequence of breach of copyright through release of such documents, software and/or copies to third parties without the written consent of the Group.
  3. The Client undertakes not to make or allow to be made any copies of the software or documentation, which the Group makes available to the Client without any prior written consent to the Group.
  4. The Client shall not effect any modification of the software, shall not undertake an unauthorised use, downloading or publishing without any prior written approval of the Group.